Reputation Matters

Paul Thomas

A corporate communicator and a gentleman (usually), I learned my craft from an über-professional whose mantra was “no hyperbole,” which says volumes because she taught me when spin and its practitioners were appreciated.

Since 2015, I’ve led Business Communications for Thomson Reuters, managing a global team of external, industry and internal communications professionals who support the company’s Financial & Risk, Legal and Tax & Accounting businesses, as well as its Chief Customer Office and Global Growth Operations. Opinions expressed on this site and using my corresponding Twitter handle (@RepMattersPHT) are my own.

Previously, I worked for 16 years in various capacities for the wealth management division of a global European bank. Having worked in financial services before, during and after numerous “scandals” — before Long Term Capital Management, the dot-bomb era, the global research settlement and others were overshadowed by the Great Recession — I understand now more than ever why reputation matters.

Authenticity and consistency are key for brands nowadays, whether global or local, enterprise or entrepreneurial, consumer or personal. As customers, business partners, employees, prospective employers, investors and other stakeholders have more access to information and live more of their lives online, it will become increasingly difficult to segment and target messages to different audiences.

With that in mind, the challenge today for communicators today is finding a voice that strikes a balance between corporate and street ‘cred.